Ribeiro Bonito

A nice 10km walk where you will be guided by four caches

Grutas do Paúl

A great set of amazing caves carved into the stone.

Boca das Voltas

Boca das Voltas is a secret viewpoint offering a great scenary. It is ideal to those who enjoy a nice walk in the middle of the forest.

Cais de São Jorge

An historic pier that was once the gate to the north of the island. A beautiful panoramic view at the tip of the pier.

Garganta Funda

A huge 140m waterfall hidden from the common muggle. A test to your corage and a great view at the end.

Arte de Portas Abertas

A simple, old street that was transformed into an art galery. This multicache makes you look closely at each door. Discover its secrets!

O Pescador do Arieiro

This is a funny multi with only two stages that can be done in a short period of time. The cache is located near Pico Arieiro and offers stunning views.

The Cliffs

This multi cache will take you to walk along cliffs that reach from 250m to 500m altitude. The trail will present you with beautiful landscapes and interesting geological phenomena.

domingo, 12 de março de 2017




Esta cache irá vos conduzir até uma cascata localizada entre sítios dos Lamaceiros e Feiteira do Nuno em Santana, localmente designada por Aguage, Águaje ou Agua D'Alto.
Aguage provirá do vocábulo aguagem: corrente impetuosa de água.
Naturalmente que a sua impetuosidade irá variar de acordo com as estações do ano.
O acesso a esta cascata faz-se por uma pequena estrada de gravilha/cimento.
Há perto da cascata um espaço para virar o carro e estacionar.

This cache will lead you to a waterfall located between sites of Lamaceiros and Feiteira do Nuno in Santana, locally designated by Aguage, Águaje or Agua D'Alto.
Aguage probably owes its origin the portuguese word aguagem: impetuous current of water.
Naturally its impetuosity will vary according to the seasons.
The access to this waterfall is via a small gravel/cement road.
Near the waterfall there is a space to turn the car and park.

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sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

Os Arredados


Cascata do Rabo do Burro ou da Fajã Escura

A Missa do Parto dos Arredados é já uma tradição anual na Freguesia De Ponta Delgada, realizando-se habitualmente no último domingo antes do Natal.
É uma missa que reúne sempre muitas pessoas de várias zonas da Madeira, sendo por intenção das pessoas que raramente participam nas cerimónias religiosas e como tal estão arredadas da liturgia.

Tal como os arredados estão afastados das liturgias também algumas pessoas estão arredadas da Natureza. Esta cache é um convite para um regresso à Natureza, uma purificação e quem sabe com um lavar dos pés incluído.

- A dificuldade desta cache depende do caudal da ribeira. Analisa as condições e não arrisques.
- Existe um trilho pouco marcado na margem oeste (ver spoiler). Utilizando o trilho serão poucas as vezes que terás de andar dentro da ribeira.
- O percurso deverá ser feito apenas com boas condições climatéricas.
- Deverás levar água e comida, roupa e calçado apropriados (roupa extra para o caso de te molhares).
- A utilização de um bordão é recomendada.
- O sinal GPS é muito fraco por isso utiliza a Hint e o Spoiler.
- Carro - Cache - Carro: 1 km, 40m


The Arredados Mass in honour of the birth of Jesus is already an annual tradition in the Parish of Ponta Delgada, usually taking place on the last Sunday before Christmas.
It is a mass that always gathers many people from various parts of Madeira and is intended to the Arredados (people who rarely participate in religious ceremonies and as such are distant from the liturgy).

As the Arredados are distant from the liturgies also some people are cut off from Nature.
This cache is an invitation for a return to nature, a purification and who knows with a Washing of the Feet included.

"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir

- The difficulty of this cache depends on the flow of the stream. Analyze the conditions and don't take risks.
- There is a trail on the west bank (see spoiler). If you use the trail you will avoid walking inside the river bed most of the way.
- The course must be done only with good weather conditions.
- You should bring water and food, clothing and appropriate footwear (extra clothing in case you get too wet).
- The use of walking poles is recommended.
-The GPS signal is very weak in this area so use the Hint and the Spoiler.
- Car - Cache - Car: 1 km, 40m

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Geocache of the Week - Senhora da Pedra

GOTW Senhora da Pedra, Madeira Portugal

Senhor da Pedra—Geocache of the Week

by luisftas
Arquipélago da Madeira, Portugal
N 32° 50.110 W 016° 54.419

GOTW Senhora da Pedra, Madeira Portugal
GOTW Senhora da Pedra, Madeira Portugal

Off the southwest coast of Portugal and northwest coast of Africa lies the beautiful archipelago of Madeira. It is the outermost region of the European Union and an autonomous region of Portugal. Known for its idyllic climate, flowing wine, romantic beaches, and sheer cliffs, Madeira is also home to close to 1,200 active geocaches.
You must be thinking, “Geocaching in gloriously warm climate with stunning landscapes and flowing wine—where’s the grit and the character-building adventure of that?!” Luckily, this traditional cache provides a mildly challenging hike with a big pay off in a phenomenal location. Perfect!
You’ll start your journey at the São Jorge (St. George) lighthouse, a sweet little spot to prepare for your trek and take in the ocean views. The lighthouse was, “…designed in 1948 and started to function in 1959. Its structure is a cylindrical tower 14-meters high, and the focus is at an altitude of 271 meters. Its light has a range of 16 miles, and its operation is automated in 1986 after being electrified in 1962.”

São Jorge (St. George) lighthouse
São Jorge (St. George) lighthouse

The next step is to find the path to the geocache. Once you are on the path, you will see why this geocache earned its 3.5 terrain rating. There are many paths—will you take the correct one? Will your path be full of mud with no alternate route? Will you slip and fall in the mud? Will this actually be worth it? Stay strong, intrepid geocachers, because yes, the payoff will be worth it.

Path to the geocache
Path to the geocache

At the end of the path on the very edge of a cliff, you will find a very large rock. Many years ago it broke free from the hills above, rolled down the rugged terrain, then suddenly stopped right on this precipice. This was so amazing and odd that the locals built a small shrine in honor of the “Lady of the Stone” and placed it underneath the boulder. This “monument’ is full of religious statues, candles, flowers, stones, and other knickknacks. It is also a wonderful place for quiet reflection and to sign a logbook.

Path to the geocache
Path to the geocache

If this amazing rock and little shrine weren’t enough, check out that view! On the left you can see Porto Moniz very far away, while on the right you can look down and see the old pier of São Jorge. Can it get any better than this?

View from above the rock
View from above the rock

Recent logs:
Siggi72This is my second time visiting Madeira but the first time with Geocaching. Without geocaching I wouldn’t have seen this “balancing” rock with the small shrine and the great views. Thanks for showing!

Amazing location for a geocache
Amazing location for a geocache

ComètesOn our way, we could not miss this cache, that we already bookmarked in France when preparing our trip. Its D/T ratio is the only one missing in on matrix. We first discovered the lighthouse, then went down to GZ. 148 steps later, we were at the right place. A special place, as many ones that we can discover since we are practising geocaching. We found the box with the help of the spoiler. While we were signing the logbook, a rainbow appeared above the Ocean. To celebrate our fully filled matrix? Thank you for this great cache!

At the shrine under the rock
At the shrine under the rock

ED77First we had problems to find the right access and had almost given up. Fortunately we found the right way otherwise we have missed a great adventure and a total crazy place! The path down was a real adventure but at the end worth every step How curious to place a shrine under this huge stone! We enjoyed the mystic and peaceful place, stayed some time staring at the sea This place is worth a favorite point

Just before the geocache
Just before the geocache
Great view and a great experience
Great view and a great experience
The shrine
The shrine
Gorgeous views
Gorgeous views
View to the right
View to the right
Even pooches love this geocache
Even pooches love this geocache

Source: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2016/12/senhor-da-pedra-geocache-of-the-week/ (01/2017)

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Com a rubrica "GeoFoto", o sítio GeoPT  pretende lançar um passatempo interno entre os utilizadores do forum, que permita divulgar as suas fotos, bem como caches ou histórias por detrás desses momentos.

Aqui ficam as minhas participações com mais destaque:

Macro: Visto de Perto!

Quatro Elementos

Portas / Janelas

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

Salto do Patagarro



  • O Patagarro é uma das 8 espécies de aves marinhas que nidifica no arquipélago da Madeira.
    Conhece mais pesquisando o Projecto Puffinus.
  • A cache está situada na Ribeira de Santa Luzia
  • Não existe trilho. Deverás improvisar, tendo de atravessar várias vezes a ribeira.
  • Para lá chegar existem outras alternativas mas esta será a mais simples 
  • Há a possibilidade de conjugar com outras caches da área: GC4FVVW, GC17K6C, GC17K5H e GC3T7QN.
  • O local possui fraco sinal GPS pelo que deverão utilizar os spoilers e dicas fornecidas. 
  • A dificuldade desta cache depende do caudal da ribeira. Durante os meses de verão o acesso poderá ser mais simples mas a cascata poderá estar seca. Analisa as condições e não arrisques.
  • O percurso deverá ser feito apenas com boas condições climatéricas.
  • Deverás levar água e comida, roupa e calçado apropriados (roupa e calçado extra para o caso de te molhares).
  • A utilização de um bordão é recomendada.
  • Parking - Cache - Parking: 9 km, 4h

  • The Patagarro is one of the 8 species of seabird that nests in the Madeira archipelago. Know more by searching for the Project Puffinus.
  • The cache is located in Ribeira de Santa Luzia.
  • There is no trail. You have to improvise, having to cross the river several times.
  • To get there, there are other alternatives but this is probably the easiest. 
  • It is possible to combine with other caches in the area: GC4FVVW, GC17K6C, GC17K5H and GC3T7QN.
  • The location has weak GPS signal and you should therefore use the spoilers and hints provided.
  • The difficulty of this cache depends on the flow of the stream. During the summer months access may be simpler but the waterfall may be dry. Analyze the conditions and don't take risks.
  • The course must be done only with good weather conditions.
  • You should bring water, food, clothing and appropriate footwear (extra clothing in case you get wet). 
  • The use of walking poles is recommended.
  • Parking - Cache - Parking: 9 km, 4h

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